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I have a Gateway All in One. The mobo fried and after a lot of trouble now I have a Asus mobo installed (M5A88-M). Everything else is working fine, the only 2 things not working are the touch screen and speakers. Touch screen is not a problem as I don't use it, but I want to get the speakers going, as external speakers I don't want.

The issue is with the Gateway wiring. The audio connection in the old mobo was through a 7-1 connector (5 wires going into the connector) and in the new Asus mobo the audio connection is through a 9-1 connector

And interestingly the Gateway touchscreen has a 9-1 connector, so both touch screen and speakers are not working. If nothing comes else comes up, I am willing to cut the wires from the 7-1 audio plug and rewire them into the 9-1 plug (originally meant for touch screen) and then connect it to the Asus mobo 9-1 audio connector. But before that I thought the sane thing would be to ask for help.

OR, there is still 1 USB Connector in the mobo which is vacant, is there a way to move the speakers to that.
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    the touch screen most likely uses a usb 2.0 header but there is a good change that its proprietary

    for audio this might point you in the right direction, i am guessing its missing the mic in the 7 pin configuration. its very possible that you may never get the audio working
  2. Interestingly the Mic and the Camera are linked together in a USB header and they are both working perfectly. The link you have provided, I have that information in the Asus mobo booklet. It tells me how to connect the audio to the 9-1 connector. The problem is how do I get the wires from the 7-1 header to go into the 9-1 Asus mobo audio connector
    Here is the link for the image of the Gateway mobo if that helps, you can see 2 connectors 7-1 for audio (which I had tested when the mobo was working and it is for audio) and 9-1 in the bottom left corner (I am guessing is for touch screen or sd card reader or both. I don't have a sd card to test, but audio and touch screen not working)
    Click image to zoom

  3. Please don't laugh at me, I read somewhere that the touch screen in all in ones works from the corner of the screen and if there is dust there it's not going to work. I cleaned the dust and it's working, and I took out the 9-1 pin and the touchscreen is still working so it could be for the card reader.

    Now the only thing left for me to figure out are the internal speakers, the touch screen has been taken care of. Any one who is wiring/USB genius please help
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