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Hey all. Right now I'm using 7.1 sound of off my motherboard with a set of wireless Logitech 930s. I'm not impressed and I want sound that is gonna be awesome. I play games and listen to music. The headphones also have distortion with high bass from games and music.

I want to replace the headphones and find a great sound card that perfectly compliments to create a sound in both games and music that makes u drool. Not worried about cost within reason (thousands is out of the question).

So that said? Any suggestions????
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  1. Sound is a subjective matter that's why I suggest you buy a tunable card
    both Creative and Asus sell cards that you can switch out parts to better suit your tastes. Though they sell for approximately $190.
    If you want better sound you'll need good speakers,a cheap set of speakers or headphones won't allow the better cards to shine.
  2. For a 7.1 system, the best options from each manufacturer [that I can recommend]:

    ASUS Xonar D2(x)
    ASUS Xonar Xense

    Auzentech Meridian 2G
    Auzentech Bravura
    Auzentech Home Theatre HD

    HT Omega:
    HT Omega Claro+
    HT Omega Claro Halo
    HT Omega Claro Halo XT

    A lot comes down to price and features.
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