Noob here! Rate my rig please!

Hey Guys,

I'm very new to the forums and this was actually my very first build.
I want to thank all of you for indirectly guiding me through my first build (as I have been lurking and searching threads instead of actually posting myself).

Although I was/am extremely naive and nervous when I built my first rig, I also found it extremely fun, challenging and rewarding as well!

It was all a great experience...researching all the parts, indecisively determining which parts I should actually buy, finding the best deals whether it be on newegg, tigerdirect, or frys, constantly tracking the orders online in anticipation for the arrival of all the parts, researching methods of assembling the parts together, researching methods of overclocking, trying as best as possible to stay within my set budget but ultimately failing, and the most exciting thing of all....hitting the power button and waiting to hear that glorious single post beep!

Ultimately, I am not here to brag, but just wanted to share my story with you guys and as well as to request any feedback, input, or suggestions as to whether I should buy anything else or change any settings to better my rig! I also included a picture of some of the parts sitting in their boxes and a screenshot of the system specs. Thanks guys!


Intel i5 3.3 Ghz 2500k (Overclocked to 4.5 Ghz)

I know that since it is my first build that I shouldn't have overclocked unless I really knew what I was doing but I couldn't help myself and did anyways. I did a 12 hour prime 95 stress test and temps seemed stable though.



Not the best cooler out there but I've heard great things about it and it keeps my temps down low enough!



With all the stories of motherboards frying if not installed properly, this was simply terrifying to install!




Corsair Vengeance 8 GB : 2 x 4 GB Memory - 1600 MHz (& actually runs at 1600 Mhz)



Thanks to this awesome guide:

I found a convenient way to set up my SSD for OS (as well as a few games) and HDD for everything else


Western Digital Black Caviar HDD 2TB


ASUS Blue-Ray



This was actually one of my concerns. Is my power supply powerful enough to support my system?


Raidmax Smilodon Mid Tower Case

This case is not as practical as the Antecs, HAFS, and CM's but it looks super cool. Sometimes I do regret buying this case because my parts barely fit and it has absolutely no cable management capabilities which in turn hinders airflow. Also, if I ever decided to buy a liquid cooler like a Noctua, it definitely would not fit in this case.

Here are the non internal parts that was also purchased. Not really important but I will include them since it was part of the whole build.



This monitor rocks BTW!!!


Logitech G110


Logitech G500


Razer Vespula

Well that concludes my rig and the grand total in parts comes to roughly little over $2K (not to sure off the top of my head). Any response or criticism is appreciated. Thanks again guys!


PS: That's my son in the desktop wallpaper by the way!!
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  1. Looks good! And so does you son.
    Those Asus monitors are great! I have a VH236H and love it.
  2. Great build over all. A 750w is enough to handle a fully overclocked GTX 580 system, so it's more than enough for a single 570 don't worry. My only change would have been getting an 850w if you planned on going GTX 570 SLI in the future, or a 650w for one. However, that 750w can probably handle 2x 570 in SLI if needed although it's cutting it close if you want to OC.
  3. DelroyMonjo said:
    Looks good! And so does you son.
    Those Asus monitors are great! I have a VH236H and love it.

    Thanks man, he's 6 months old! The best thing about the Asus monitors is that they're also relatively cheap for such great quality monitors. I don't plan on SLI in the future, but if it comes down to that, an upgrade in powers supply should suffice? I wouldn't need anything else corrrect?
  4. Correct
  5. Your build is pretty mainstream, take that as a complement although. I have a similar build, I am using a 580 however. The only part I am not too familiar with is the case, but it seems you have found a decent one.
  6. I would clean up the cable organization some, but thats just me, I bought the corsair 500r case just so I could have a clean look. Also with a laser mouse I hate mouse pads.

    But that is just nitpicking, looks pretty good man. Homebuilds save you a lot of money, not to mention how much fun it is and the feeling of accomplishment when eveything works.

    Oh and don't forget to send in those rebate forms, cause if you are like me you have 4 or 5 of them.
  7. Pretty common setup for most hardcore gamers, I got OCD so I would also try and clean the wiring up a little bit for better airflow and to make it neat-er
  8. good
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