27" Monitor Below $400 ?

Hey guys, I am in the market for a 27" monitor and have a budget of $400 dollars. I have looked up a lot about the contrast ratio, led vs. lcd, and response time, but I'd like your opinions on a good choice in that price range. Contrast ratio's method of measurements vary a lot so it was hard for me to figure out what was actually a ratio that was preferable. As far as response time, I'd like to at least be below 5ms. Just looking for the best possible choice within my price range.

So, to recap:
≈ 27" in
good contrast, res
would prefer LED to CCFL, unless there is no intrinsic benefit to having it
under $400

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  1. i use 3 of these in eyefinity and they do quite well

    ......if your not going that route tho id consider a 1920x1200 res monitor
  2. That ASUS looks pretty nice, thanks, I'll take a closer look at that one...
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