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i have a diamond hd 3450 video card and went to put into a hp with a msi motherboard and when i took out the nivada video card the asus would not fit into the slot??????

please help what am i missing?
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  1. It is possible that the MSI mobo has an AGP slot and not a PCI-E slot. What is the exact model number of the MSI board?
  2. Keep in mind the 3450 comes in 3 flavors old AGP, even older PCI, and modern PCIe. What type of card do you have?
  3. You have 2 different cards here,Asus and Diamond.Which card are you refering to? Please explain.
  4. So you have to know what video card you have before you can buy another one. You don't just guess and go buy one.
  5. Motherboard Name MSI RS482M2/RX482M2 (MS-7093)
    i think its a pci-e 16 on there and hd3450 is a 1.5v agp x4
  6. If this is your board then you are correct. You have a PCI-Ex16 graphics card slot which is not compatible with any AGP card. Return the HD3450 (if you can) and get a PCI-Ex16 version.

    -Wolf sends
  7. +1 ^ AGP and PCIe are two different standards, same way that you can't stick a SATA drive on a ATA cable.
  8. thank you for the quick respnse. going to resell it on ebay i think :)
  9. Next time know what your buying before you buy it.
  10. It was out of another computer I was just hoping it would fit lol but thank you for your help
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