PSU pass the paper clip test, computer still doesnt turn on

I have got a computer from a friend, and its not working. He said that one day he woke up and the computer didn't turn on. I went in the computer, and checked inside for any bad connections, but everything seemed fine. I thought it was the PSU because he said before it became completely dead, it turn on and then suddenly turned off. I disconnected all the cables from the motherboard to test the PSU. It didn't turn on. I found online that if you use a paperclip to connect the green wire's connector of the 24 pin connector to one of black wire's connectors, you can turn on your power supply without having it connected to the motherboard, and it will turn on when I do this. But when I actually have it hooked up to the motherboard, the power supply wont turn on. Would this be an issue with my motherboard, or do I probably just have something hooked up incorrectly? Also when i disconnected the cables I also disconnected the Power LED and Power SW out. I do not remember exactly how they go, so it might be that the problem. I have try to put them in different ways, but it still doesn't work.

Type of Computer and Info:

- Emachines Model: W3653
- New PSU (Passed the paper clip test)
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  1. Then I'd say it's a dead motherboard. See if this is the board
    You can download the manual and properly connect the power and reset switches. Try connecting the ATX power cable, shorting the 2 wires and then turning on the power supply. See if the board starts this way.
  2. Paper clip test does not 100% guarantee that they PSU will work in a rig. Only way to be sure is trying another PSU.
  3. Alexoiu: Thank you I got the cables connected correcly, but I do not understand what you mean with (Try connecting the ATX power cable, shorting the 2 wires and then turning on the power supply. See if the board starts this way.)

    Rolli59- Alright, Well I did try another PSU, and it didn't work, but then I put the PSU from the computer that wasn't working to a working computer, and it turned on fine.
  4. Then you have made sure the PSU is working and the board is the most likely culprit.
  5. I meant to turn the power supply on having the green and the black wires connected together (force the power supply to start when connected to the board). But if there's a short there are chances to damage the power supply. So better not trying it.
  6. Could it also be the CPU? or does it all point to motherboard?
  7. Hard to say. Usually the boards die sooner, but who knows...
  8. While the paperclip test is nice, it does not place load on the power supply. Chances are the board is the issue if the power supply works on another system.

    Was the second system(you tested the power supply on) older or newer?

    Most times if the cpu fails, the board will beep at you. You can try removing and reinstalling cards + ram to see if they have come loose, you never know.
  9. - The Second System is Newer
    - I removed all the cables except the basic ones to test, but the motherboard doesn't beep or anything. The Fans don't spin, and even though the PSU works, when I connected to the motherboard it doesn't turn on.
  10. does the cpu led come on if the MB has one if so id say the cpu if not id say the MB
  11. No beep and no spin does not sound good for the board.

    A quick check to ensure the power switch is connected right.

    Normally even a bad board tries to spin the fans.
  12. The CPU LED does not spin. As soon as I connect the PSU to the motherboard of the computer I'm trying to fix it doesn't work, but when I test it on a GOOD computer it works. No fans spin.
  13. Take out useables for each computer that work and test them to see if any are defective. Especially swap cables if necessary or if possible.

  14. if you feel like it:

    take out the motherboard with cpu, RAM and place it on a board or cardboard box (non conductive material) attach the PSU and "short" the power pins with a screwdriver.

    if that doesn't "boot" then; i can pretty much assure you (99.99999) that the motherboard is flonky. if it does start; look inside the case for loose metal that is causing a short.
  15. What are the symptoms that a motherboard has gone bad? Im asking this because Im not sure if its the MB or the CPU.
  16. Motherboard would turn on and give a beep for CPU failure most likely if it was fine.
  17. Great, Well I ordered a new MB, Ill keep you guys updated with the thread. Thank you very much for the help guys. Merry Christmas!
  18. A power supply can pass the paperclip test but not put out +3.3V or +5.0V. You need to take measurements with a multimeter to confirm all the voltages.
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