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I'm looking to replace my Asus M5A97 evo motherboard. What motherboard should I go with that will give me the least problems going from the evo to it. Should i just get another M5A97 or should I go to a different mobo. My ram is two sticks of 4gb 1600 ddr3 ripjaws.
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  1. I would request an rma from asus; many of their boards have a three year warranty.
  2. how would i go about doing that?

    Inspect your board for any surface damage; any scratches or burn marks will
    disqualify you from getting a replacement board. Use the above link to inquire about warranty service. It should give you instructions for obtaining an rma number, which you must write on the shipping package. Give asus 24 hours to respond; if they issue you a number, it's generally good for about 30 days, though this may vary. When you ship the board, place the board only in an anti static bag in the original box if possible. Don't send back any accessories, just the bare board. Then place the board box in another shipping box for extra protection. You may purchase insurance if you desire, but I sometimes just send in the board by parcel post to save money, using a shipping label so it can be scanned by the post office. Priority mail is the most popular option in the usa. It takes 2-3 weeks to get a replacement board, but I recommend you try. You can sell the replacement board or use it for a spare.
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