HELP PLEASE!!!! Should I get a new motherboard or RMA?


I have recently been working with overclocking and testing out some clock speeds. I made some changes in the BIOS and then saved and reset the computer and the computer would not reboot. I am getting no display but everything powers up. I did go through the check list and tried out everything I could. I even went to a test bench and only essential components. I have tested my test graphics card and it works here are my specs.

MB: MSI 970A-G46
CPU: AMD FX-6100 3.3ghz
RAM: Patriot Viper Black 8GB (4gbx2) @ 1866Mhz "only testing with one"
PSU: CoolMax 600 watt ZU-600B
GPU: Test Card= Trident Blade 3D 8mb
Real Card= EVGA GTX 560 Ti 1GB

I have tested everything I can think of and I think that the Motheboard my be dead, but I'm not sure because the Power Phase LEDs on my MSI board are turning on like usual. I have cleared CMOS settings and pulled the battery on the board. On my test bench everything powers on but the BIOS never loads. I'm going to try re-installing the BIOS but I don't know if that will help. PLEASE HELP me out!!!! I have been running this rig for about 3 weeks now and this is the first problem I've hade like this. All and any help is appreciated.

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  1. Hi, When you pulled the battery, was the power supply off, or the power cord unplugged?
  2. Yes I made sure that anytime I reset the CMOS or pulled the battery that the power cord was unplugged.
  3. Update the bios..if its not good then go for rma
  4. anny news , updates on board problems ?
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