CPUID Hardware Monitor confusing me....

Hey guys, so I've got a FX - 8150 with a corsair H80 on it.

I'm confused as to whether I should be paying attention to the CPU temp listed under the motherboard in CPUID HWM, or the Core temperatures listed under my CPU, which is the same as what I get in CoreTemp?

I hope its the latter... which is showing 7-9 degrees idle and max of 34 degrees under a 10 minute blend test in Prime95. At default settings with Asus turbocore on, which I guess means I have alot of overclocking headroom?

Heres the screenshot of my last test with prime after 10 mins....

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  1. That image is really small and pixilated, I can barely make out anything in it. From what I'm able to see, I would go with the CPU temp and not the core temps, it's impossible for your CPU cores to be below ambient temperature.
  2. CoreTemp and HWMonitor are not reading the CPU temp sensors accurately. You should not be reading idle temps (7 - 9 C) that are below ambient temps with standard air or water cooling.
  3. sorry, didn't realise I uploaded a resized one.... heres a full size screenshot

  4. What are your ambient temps? I get 20c idle and 35c max

    CPU temp is the temperature of your actual socket, the Core temps are ... well... core temps :)
  5. Where do I find the ambient temps?

    Still not sure which temp on the HWmonitor I should use as the "don't let it go above 61degrees" temperature?
  6. ambient temps are what the room temperature is, whatever it says on your thermostat ;D

    And I would use the core temp for the most accurate measurements
  7. 7c idle? WTF? That is inasnely low
  8. Seriously thats what its tellin me; here it is just a minute ago under just 2-4% load with my girlfriend streaming movies through the ps3 in the other room; 12 degree's celcius, that is, assuming the temperatures in core temp and cpu core are the ones to watch and not the motherboard cpu temp which is at 32 degrees.....

    The room temperature in here is probably between 12-17 celcius is my best estimate. No mercury thermostat to go off of just the heat stat set to 20 celcius but my main floor is drafty as hell (old house) so its a good few degrees colder than that...
  9. +1 on your wallpaper though :)
  10. I have a FX-8120 OC'd @4.2Ghz, HWmontior also says that my core temps are about 20 degrees lower than my CPU temp. I think its something with HWMontior because if you look it says the processor is a 8130P?? what does that even mean huh? mine says the same thing. I've seen lots of threads about HWmonitor having weird temps with being specific to FX processors. Usually if someone is asking about core temp and CPU temp with HWmonitor the core temps are shown to be slightly hotter than the CPU temp, but with the FX processors the Core Temp is significantly lower than the CPU temp. Also there seems to be a great divide between people who think that core temp is most important and the ones who think CPU temp is more important, I've heard both numerous times.
  11. Is that the latest HWMonitor version? (1.19 - February 06, 2012)

    "Version history:
    - AMD Opteron Interlagos and Valencia (Bulldozer)
    - Improved voltages report for lot of new mainboards
  12. Yup, latest version, heres a screeny from this morning showing the version, idling at 9 degrees overnight apparently....

  13. dont use hwmonitor its gives crazy temps like this
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