Extra long boot up time

So i have my computer all assembled and everything seems to work fine except for I have like a 3 minute boot time for my pc with nothing but windows and skyrim on it that seems a bit excessive for the components I have, my build is as follows

Motherboard: ECS p67h2-a2
CPU: i5 2500k
GPU: MSI GTX 560Ti Hawk
HD: WD 1TB Black caviar 6 gb/s 64mb cache
Memory: Corsair vengeance (8gb)
PSU: Corsair tx850w

Maybe it is a Bios problem? I am a little (okay a lot) noobish when it comes to those settings, it all looks fine and it reports no errors but maybe they aren't ideal? I read the book but still can't figure it out.

Anyway just hoping someone on here can help me out.
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  1. what OS version are you running? are you sure there are NO other programs loading at startup?

    Open msconfig and look in the startup tab, list what is there. bad culprits tend to be adobe update, java update, itunes, skype, messenger.

    Also what antivirus are you running?
  2. I am running windows 7 pro 64 bit, And sorry I should have clarified, windows loads fast, but getting to the windows loading takes 3 minutes
  3. What do you mean boot time.... from the time you turn it on(press POWER), what screen does it sit at the longest....

    BIOS should be a few seconds, then Windows loading should be less than 30 seconds... then do you have to login or is it automatic?... what point does it seem to hang..
  4. dasdsad
  5. it hangs up on what I think is the bios loading screen with an ad/picture from my motherboard...sits there for like 2 and a half minutes
  6. There wouldn't be an ad for anything in the BIOS. It's probably crapware from the MoBo install disc. Hit the ESC key when you see this and see if it goes into the Windows startup. Then do the msconfig and go to the Startup tab. See if you can find any program relating to that ad or ECS and disable it. You probably have other programs in startup which don't need to be there but just do disabling 1 at a time.
  7. Roger, will try that then try and reset my bios I am at work right now but will try when I get home and let you all know how it went.
  8. Im suspecting bad ram, or a bad hard disk drive. Do you have multiple hdds plugged inside your pc? If you do, try unplugging it/them and see if the boot is quicker.
  9. The Ad/picture for your motherboard can be completely normal(depending on what brand) ... I had a similar thing...

    I agree with Pazero01... Your PC may have a hard time detecting the Hard Drive.. unplug it and see how quickly it POSTs... I know it won't get into windows, but at least it should get past the BIOS "ad" screen much quicker(reboot it once or twice after removing the HD); which will indicate a faulty Hard Drive.
  10. Ooops! You are correct, the boot screen will show an 'ad' for your MoBo. Go into BIOS/Boot screen selection and look at setup prompt timeout. Click that and set it to how many seconds you want the splash screen to hold on boot up. If you are waiting 3 minutes to get to Windows that is probably set at 180. You can also set your boot device priority on that page.
  11. Ah, I will definitely look at that, kinda dumb the default would be that long, especially being an ad, of course I know i have a damn ecs board, and all the ad is doing is annoying me and making me less likely to buy their stuff.
  12. I would doubt that default is that much... its not to show you the splashscreen, its a hard drive bootup delay.
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