Do I need a SATA to IDE converter for new motherboard ??

and do I need to buy a wire to go with it ??

what ones ??
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  1. I'd just buy a new HDD or optical drive whichever is IDE. The SATA to IDE converter costs as much as a new optical drive anyway.
  2. A new ASUS SATA DVD drive is like $17, so skip the converter there and just get a new DVD drive.

    Hard drives are going up in price now because the factories are flooded in Thailand so if a new HDD cannot be in your budget, you can get a convertor like this.
    You will need one for each drive you want to hook up.
    SATA cables are most usually included with your new motherboard.
  3. is a ''radeon 4850'' for 40 british pounds

    40 British pounds = 63.16400 U.S. dollars

    better value than those nvidia cards I listed ??

    And when did the dollar get so low ?? I was always told 1 pounds is 2 dollars, anyway.
  4. confused, saw no mention of a 4850.

    Also, the dollar hasn't been that low for a while, it was probably that a few years into George Bush Jnr's first bout of idiocy
  5. What Nvidia cards did you list? So far the post you have made have been kind of confusing. It would help us out a lot if you filled out the link in my signature.
  6. sorry wrong topic
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