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Different volts in the same extensions ???

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February 18, 2012 12:26:53 AM


I have a Cooler Master Silent Pro M 700W

This PSU comes with several extension to plug and unplug from the PSU.

One of this extensions have 3 molex
And the other extension have 3 molex + 1 floppy connector

I cut off the floppy conector from the extension becouse is usless, I left the extension with just the 3 molex connectors;
but when I connect any fan direct to one of the molex in this extension the fan does not work at full rpm; just like a half power.

So... when I plug the fans to the other extension, the one that does not come with floppy
the fans work at full rpm.

I tried to connect this extension (the one that does not deliver all the power to the fans)
to any other plug on the PSU and is the same, the fans just does not work out at full rpm

Is it possible that cutting off the floppy connector affected someway the whole extension ?
I mean it is just a cable, all the other extensions works Ok in any plug of the PSU but is
just this extension the one that does not deliver full power in any plug of the PSU.

I have checked the cable and it is OK, it is reallly really fine.

How else could I check this extension and why does not deliver full power on the molex.

I hope some one can helpe me. Thanks.

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February 18, 2012 1:34:08 AM

Depending on how it was wired you may well have made that cable useless by shorting it to ground. You could probably repair it with the correct knowledge of how it was wired to maintain continuity, but I don't think that I would suggest it for you as I don't want to have someone that doesn't understand that just cutting wired connections off was a bad idea to be having their half considered home wiring repair sending voltages into a case or well really anything else near a computer.
February 18, 2012 1:54:24 AM

I tested the extension (the one that used to have the floppy and I cut off)
in all the others plugs of the PSU and the result is the same any fan that I
connect to the molex does not work at full rpm.

This thing only happens with this extension in any plug of the PSU.

I tested the other extension (tha one that only have 3 molex) and with
this one the fans work at full rpm in any plug of the PSU.

So, I am sure that this proves that the PSU is OK, is only the extension
but checking it visually it is OK, no damage at all.

The connectors are OK and I dont know how else could I test it.
The volts are passing through the cables but not with power enough like
to make a fan to work at full rpm.

mmh... it is frustating becouse I know it is only the cable but I can not
find the answer or correct test to know why...