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I am using a XP Pro machine as a temporary file server and I need to set up users and passwords for shared folders. Usually I have no problem with this. I just make a few users with passwords, and delete 'Everyone' from the shared permissions and add only the users. Then I go onto another desktop and to access the files, and then whalla!, it asks me for the username and password.

This time though, it says you might now have permission to access this network. How come I can access all other PC's with the username login, but this one, in order for it to work, I have to open it to 'Everyone', which I do not want to do.
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  1. Hey thanks for responding. I know that. What I was talking about though is that the box where I can type in the username and password doesn't even show up. When I have a shared permission for 'Everyone' up I can get on it with no log on screen or errors. But when I delete 'Everyone' and put the user name in for the share permissions with all 3 boxes checked, it does not give me a log on box where I can type in the username and password of that computer. Instead, it just says Access denied.
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