I'm having problems with my Amd phenom 955 be... when running games ect it seems nice and stable with stock cooling around mid 50's degrees celcius however if i log onto facebook and click through pictures all of a sudden the fan spins rapidly high and the temp spikes very high also but usually subsides after a few seconds there starts again???

Is it time for me to replace my stock h/s and fan?
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  1. It sounds to me like the h/s may not be mounted properly or maybe the thermal paste is not applied properly or has dried, If you plan on oc'ing then i recommend you purchase a Cooler Master Hyper H212 Plus
  2. I agree. Either the heatsink isn't seated right or you have to little or to much thermal paste applied to the heat spreader.
  3. either reinstal your current hsf or buy a cm h212+, as stated above
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