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I’m looking for suggestions on how to most wisely build my next computer. I build one computer every 6 years and don’t keep up with technology so it’s like starting over from scratch each time. Current system is an Asus MB with athlon64 929 single core 2Ghz chip and 1TB WD HDD 1Gig corsair ddr400. I’m looking for something to last another 6years and that will load/edit high resolution photos quicker
Budget: about $500
reuse: monitor, case, keyboard, mouse, DVD, etc.
used for: internet, email, MS office, editing raw photos with Corel, some video editing (don’t do gaming)
1) what to look for in a motherboard
2) which processor (2,3,4,6 cores?? )
3) 32 or 64 bit OS (will use Win7)
4) how much ram
5) what type of ram
6) buy SSD drive for OS or just reuse old HD drive?
7) will video card help with photo editing or is motherboard graphics good enough

Thanks in advance for expert advice

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    Basically says: You're computer will be outdated by 2013. And the $500 budget isn't helping your computer last longer.

    1. Since you won't be SLIing, or Xfiring, you'll probably want a regular motherboard, no bells or whistles. Nowadays the motherboard is just a "docking station" for all the other parts of the computer, so something around $70 will suffice for you.
    2. I would recommend the i5 2500k, but that is out of your budget range, the next best option is the new AMD FX-4100, around $120. Both are 4 cores, if you really have no budget issues however, I would buy an Intel core i7 2600k, a 4 core CPU with the ability to run 8 threads.
    3. 64bit all the way! 32bit supports a max of 4GB of RAM, so 64bit is the way to go. Also most 32bit programs run in 64bit OS's.
    4. I would recommend 8GB, and that normally cost around ~$45 for cheaper sticks. Look at how cheap this sucker is:
    5. DDR3 dual channel. Preferably from a reliable company such as: Mushkin, G.SKILL, Team Elite, Corsair, Crucial, etc.
    6. I would re-use the old one until the HDD prices goes down (the flood in thailand really brough prices up)
    7.If you are going to edit videos, I would recommend a discrete grapics card. At least a Radeon 6790, Preferably the Gtx570, but the 570 alone is like $350.
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