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Hello, my dad is using the access control thing on our D-link router to deny me internet acces and I kinda wanna remove it since I want internet on my PC, is it possible to be able to find the password somehow? I do have acces to his computer :)
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  1. Well, yea, you can find the password.

    It'll take a few tries, but here is one method that never fails... :D

    In the password entry box start with the small letter "a"
    if that doesn't work, go to "b"
    if that doesn't work, go to "c"
    and so on.. eventually, go to "aa" then "ab" then "ac" like that. It's called a "Brute-Force Attack"
    eventually you'll get it, but it may take a little time, depending on your typing skills.
  2. If your dad has a password on the router, he must have it on there for a reason.
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