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I recently bought an I5 3470 (3.2G-3.6G) and an AsRock ZH77 Pro3 Mobo… upgrade from 775 – C2Duo with Asus mobo.
I have a Zerotherm Core92 CPU cooler and the cooler from the back of the case plugged into the mobo fan controllers that can be managed from Bios.
I’m new to the 1155 and UEFI Bios so i don’t really know how to set up the fan/cooling settings from the Bios:
The options available under the Manual adjustments are Fan speed (1 -> 9) and Target CPU Temp (or something like that) where I can select different temperatures.
I manually adjusted the speed to 1 ( CPU fan @ 1150 Rpm) and target temp to 50. If I set the speed to 2/3 it really becomes noisy (@1400-1600 Rpm)

1. But what does it do when the CPU reaches 50 degrees: it speed’s up the fan or shut’s down the system?

2. How should it be set in order to keep the CPU as cool as possible with low fan noise?

3. For normal usage, multimedia and light gaming what should be the recommended temp of the CPU?

Thank you and sorry for the noob questions.
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  1. I expect tons of different opinions to your question. :)
    I adjusted my settings on an asrock board just a minute ago. I set the target temp to 60 and fan speed to 6, bit that depends on the fan. That limits the noise on boot and saves the cpu in case of a fan fault. Next step is to install the asrock utility for windows and control exactly these parameters and monitor the temps. This way you can fiddle around with the settings and how it works with your cooler.
  2. Thx for the reply. I installed the AsRock utility for Windows and I played around … it’s basically the same settings you find in Bios, that you can manage from Windows….
    Well you must have a very good fan … mine @ speed 6 is like a 747… 
    The settings that you do in the windows utility is extrapolated to bios or it resets every time you restart the system?
    But… when the CPU reaches the target temp that you set… does it shut down or what?
    What’s the safe temp to set?
  3. When the cpu reaches the target temp, the system will beep and shut down. And my fan is not as got as yours! It simply needs higher voltage to spin faster, because that's all the setting does - it limits the max voltage.
    While booting the system the bios kicks in with the setting you made there. The win util overwrites that, but only for this session. That's why i set the bios to "save" setting with a higher fan speed and lower temp (55c for my amd). Fast booting from a ssd will limit the fan noise to some seconds.
  4. Yes, you’re right with the fast boot … I’ll tweek them this way… and put a higher target for the cpu…
    Maybe even buy a new fan for the cooler.
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