Msi z77 g43

hi.. i have a z77 g43 mb..and a psu 500w with 4 pins that was working 2 days ago but now wont post. Is RMA the solution in this case, thanks
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  1. Not yet. Try unplugging the power supply and and removing the board battery to reset the bios; this will sometimes get your system going if you've been overclocking or had a power surge or outage. Leave the battery out for at least one minute; some folks leave it overnight. Then reinstall, reboot, and press an "f" key when instructed at the post screen. After the bios screen appears, set your boot order to cd>hardrive, calibrate and set your smartfan settings (I use quiet mode), save and exit.
  2. Already done this.. i'll try again and leave the battery for longer.. and i didn't overclock but when i had this problem before when bios started show me something like the sistem was overclocked.. thanks for your advices
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