Rate,pc,slow pc?hard disk

hi,please rate my pc ....specs obtained via speccy are....

Operating System
MS Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit SP1
Intel Core i5 2400 @ 3.10GHz 32 °C
Sandy Bridge 32nm Technology
4.00 GB DDR3 @ 665MHz (9-9-9-24)
Intel Corporation DH67CL (LGA1155) 25 °C
AOC Spectrum (1024x768@85Hz)
NVIDIA GeForce GT 430
Hard Drives
733GB Western Digital WDC WD7500AADS-00D7B0 ATA Device (SATA) 31 °C
Optical Drives
Realtek High Definition Audio

2.and i think my pc is a little slow?why?

3.which company has best hard disks?what about mine HDD?top 5 HARD DISK companies.......
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  1. If its an LCD monitor you should immediately set the refresh rate of the monitor to 60 Hz

    32 bit OS was not a good call . Only 64 bit will be able to make use of all your RAM , and graphics RAM
  2. Are there multiple applications installed?
    Was this an oem prebuilt computer (Hp, Dell, Acer, etc.)?
    Do you have an antivirus installed? Which one?
    What makes you say that its slow? Opening apps, while playing games?

    As far as specs go, they are good enough for most tasks. It should not be slow, but you cant expect it to go quickly on a hard disk drive. You can upgrade it to an SSD if you like, but you will have to spend a few hundreds (128gb)
  3. +1 on the last 2 messages :)

    If you mean your system is slow for video games, then it's your video card. Tom's own charts show the 430 in about the middle. For modern games, you'd be near the bottom performance-wise. I'd save for a GTX 560 Ti or AMD 6950 around the holidays (Black Friday/Cyber Monday) if you can swing it. Check your power supply and make sure it can handle these cards first.

    If you are using your PC for productivity applications, I'd go with a combo of the above and reinstall windows (C) on a ~60GB SSD while saving your current hard drive for the other programs. (D)

    Memory is OK...I rarely get close to 4GB. Like Outlander, I wonder why you only have the 32 bit "Ultimate" version of Windows. I thought there was a way to upgrade to the 64 bit version for little or no extra cost...which I'd do when reinstalling Windows anyway. (You're stuck at 4GB for now.)
  4. well,first of all why i didn't upgraded to 32 bit was that most of my games won't be played on 64 bit...so......may be i will upgrade in future ,,,,

    secondly,when i play games then the speed is fine....good,normal.....but when i unzip something then i feel it's a little slow...also it wasn't oem prebuilt computer...i built it myself..........

    aslo,i have many applications (programs) installed.......when i had intel rapid technology then my pc got much time to start and then that thing takes a lot of time to start..so i deleted it and now my pc is quite fast on starting than before.....

    can you give me a comparison between sdd and hdd?

    thanx all........
  5. thanx......which company has best hard disks?is mine good?
  6. I like hitachi best, next western digital. Now that samsung's hdd division was bought by seagate, i say stay away from them both. Seagate has had many quality problems, failures and they now offer the least amount of warranty on their drives (2 years).

    You have a western digital green drive (5400-5900rpm). Those drives are slow for everyday use, but are meant for storing high amounts of data and saving power (even though hdds take up almost none).

    You can benifit from simply upgrading to any 7200rpm hdd (western digital caviar black or blue) but for a much more significant step up, an ssd will make you cry from how quick it is compared to your current hdd :P

    But currently hard disk drives have had their prices increase because of flooding in the country where they are manufactured, so its better to wait a while before buying any hdd.

    For ssd's there are many brands and manufacturers, so if you are interested, let it be known and you shall get more information.
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