Can anyone recommend a good case?

Planning to build a new PC in a couple months but I'm searching for a good case. Going to use 1 high-end video card (probably a 7950/70 or nvidia kepler). Also going to have an i5-3570k OCed with the Hyper Evo 212 cooler.

Many have recommended the Cooler Master HAF 912. I'm just worried that everything may not fit should I later decide to SLI/Crossfire high end cards and get a larger power supply PLUS have that specialty cpu cooler. Will the HAF 912 be good enough.

I prefer to have lots (too much) space to work with when building. Can anyone recommend any good FULL tower cases? Good meaning = high airflow/tool-less drive bays/2.5'' bays for SSD, etc.
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  1. I have a rosewill Thor V2 that I really like. receives very good professional reviews and has excellent cooling and plenty of room. reviews on newegg are also 5 star.

    I also bought mine when it still came with the "out the back" USB 3.0 cables because the motherboard header hadn't been standardized yet. I contacted rosewill and they gave me no trouble and the entire top of the case/front panel with the new cables with the USB3.0 motherboard headers at no cost. Very satisfied with the customer service.
  2. Theres's a few that I like;
    The Enermax Fulmo GT can handle anything you throw at it. There's a couple of good ones from Coolermaster, like the 932 and cosmos II. I am quite fond of my NZXT Phantom, but if that's a bit over the top for you then look at the Switch 810, its a very nice case. Also look at offerings from BitFenix and Fractal designs. All very good case manufacturers that are on the cutting edge riught now.

    I hear good things about the Antec 1100 as well.
  3. BTW, you can get a good look at a number of them at CPU magazine:

    Its the feb issue with an extensive case guide.
  4. In win Dragon rider

    might be a squeeze on the 212 with the sidefan fitted though, can always move the fan to outside though if required
  5. The 912 has alot of room down by the pci slots I am not seeing much likelihood of of running our of space.
  6. Look up the Antec DF-85 case. 7 fans, 7 3.5" expansion slots, and more than enough room. It's fairly heavy, about 25 pounds, but it's a hell of a case. Just don't spill sprite through the top fans. Your system wont like that...
  7. whats your price limit .. full tower cases run btween $125 .00 and holy *%^# .
  8. Priorities are:

    Easy installation: (tool-less drive bays, SSD holder/2.5" etc)
    Good airflow (obviously :p)
    Good cable management (holes for this)

    I've never had a case with a removable motherboard tray - is it a big help to have one?

    Want to keep preferably below $200
  9. corsair 500r is worth checking out at your price range
  10. theres two ..theres a decent number of products to choose from out there . just need to read enough of the reviews and be happy with the features .
  11. There are also the other models from the HAF series. The 922/932 and the HAF X, HAF X being the largest one.
  12. I am looking for some case like this case
    this is full tower case.
    I am looking for some case like this case, but Mid tower
    I need front USB3 port
  13. COOLER MASTER COSMOS II == this Bad boy is such a beast

    or the Level 10 thermaltake or the level 10 GT

    or if your going for Haf X go take the Nvidia route, and for NZXT Khaos or the NZXT phantom white/red stripes
  14. I have the HAF X and it will do everything that you want a case to do.

    I do think that the Rosewill Thor V2 is a very good option also.

    Here are some numbers (given to me in another thread by ChrisUlrich :) )

    The HAF X isn't listed in the Anandtech review, but the 650D is on both. So you have to a bit of extrapolating.
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