Z77 worth it?

I'm trying to choose between 2 motherboard for my i3-2100. One is a MSI B75 ($90) chipset, the other is a MSI Z77 ($140).

Now I'm not sure if I'll be upgrading down the road to an unlocked i5... so far I am satisfied with my i3-2100's performance... but I never know what the future will bring. The main incentive for Z77 really is because it is the only chipset that will allow memory speeds over 1333Mhz for SandyBridge models, and I'm planning to get 2x4GB Corsair Vengeance 1600Mhz. Other incentives include RAID and SSD caching, just in case I decide to get another HDD in the future or SSD, as prices continue to fall...

Also, will the Z77 allow me to make use of my i3-2100's integrated HD2000 for Virtu for video-rendering? I also game with my 6850... is Virtu foolproof? Will it easily switch over to the 6850 for gaming? Or does it suffer from the same problem as Nvidia's horrible Optimus solution? Are there such headaches involved?

The issue is, I don't know if its worth spending more money on a Z77 for the above features. Or should I simply save the money and make do with a B75? What do you say?


EDIT: Sorry I mistakenly posted in the Memory section, this thread should be in Motherboard section.
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  1. why do you think the B75 doesn't have RAID or Smart Response tech?
    Intel® B75 Express Chipset

    as far as virtu . .if you are going to use two monitors plug one into the motherboard for quick sync. if not then three 75 ohm resistors bridging pins 1-6, 2-7, 3-8 will "fool the video output that you have a monitor connected to it and will "enable" quick sync on the B75 motherboard. you can easily google how its done.

    for gaming; i tried the trial version of virtu for my H67 motherboard and wasn't really all that inpressed . .
  2. If you have the i3-2100 then don't, if you want to upgrade CPU to i5 K-series later then I will say "Yes".
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