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Hi all,

I build a computer for my parents a while back and just realized that their processor is running at 20% its rated clock speed. It is a Biostar N6853+ board and an Athlon 450. They barely noticed, but it is bugging me. Biostar does not have a great BIOS, no clock speed control at all; I did see an "AMD overclock" setting menu and set things to be at stock speed... no dice though :/. The CPU is listed as compatible and there are no BIOS updates... anyone have any ideas?

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  1. What are you using to get the clock speed? Is it showing the wrong number in bios? What does cpu-z say?
  2. Cpu-z tells me the multiplier is at 4 and clock speed is 803 mHz. Windows agrees. The BIOS reads the chip at 3.2 gig, but somehow the multiplier is set way too low.
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