Can a Biostar P67B+ destroy graphics cards

I had a XFX 6950 in this board, worked great for a month, the had artifacts everywhere and going on you tube would freeze the card up. SO i sent it back to xfx w/ an rma, and temporarily replaced the card with and old 4850. The card had worked great before, and it continued to for 2 weeks, but then i got green screens, crazy artifacts, and couldn't be on the internet for more than 30 min without it freezing. So i replaced it with and even older GeForce 8500gt and all it seems to do is freeze up A LOT or say either shockwave or flash has crashed. Now i have the 6950 back ( xfx replaced it, they found it to be defective) and i'm afraid to put it in the system. What is causing this, or was it just some bad g cards. :heink:
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  1. It could be your power supply.
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