Two USB ports on back of my GA-970a-UD3 do not work

So im not sure what the issue is but the back two usb ports that arnt the power ports on my GA-970A-UD3 just do not work

if you have any ideas it is greatly appreciated
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  1. Your motherboard is faulty. Only solution would be to replace the mother board or buy a USB HUB.
  2. nope i fixed it i reinstalled the usb drivers for the motherboard... though thanks for the reply :D

    hey just repost that it is the drivers and i will select yours as best answer
  3. Hey Panicmaster, it's your drivers. Ha Ha. :na: I love your avatar too! Every time I see one of your posts, I can't help but to laugh. Happy Holidays!
  4. It's your driver...
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