New Gaming Rig - Advice & Opinions?

Hello Everyone,

Approximate Purchase Date: Now

Budget Range: Something like the current price of all i have together... (i know pretty obscure but not more than 1500)

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming (max) at HD resolution, Video Editing

Parts Not Required: Just share your opinion about the ones i will buy, i WON'T buy a HDD or Sound card (as i already have one)

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Its all the same for me.... Just discuss the components :D

Country: Belgium, Europe

Parts Preferences: Intel/Nvidia


SLI or Crossfire: Maybe

Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080

Additional Comments: Quiet but a killer rig :D

My Current Ideas:

Antec Dark Fleet DF85 Red
Intel i7 2600K Processor (LGA 1155)
ASUS Maximus IV Gene-Z ROG (USB 3.0 , Sandybridge)
Corsair Vengeance 16Gb (4x4) 1633Mhz
Antec HCG-750 High Current Gaming
Western Digital WD2TB 7200Rpm Green (I already have this)
Intel SSD 311 Series
Antec Kuhler H2O 620 (Sealed Liquid Cooling)
Creative X-Fi Titanium ( I already have this)

Thanks in advance! :bounce:
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  1. I say get a cheaper Motherboard (since with ROG your paying for the branding) and with the difference get a better Modular psu 850plus Watts to be safe and you will be glad you did also see 2500k is all you need for processor for gaming.

    I enjoy my antec Kuhler h20

    and in the end it all your choice
  2. I would recommend the i5 2500k because it is more than enough for your gaming needs. the hyperthreading for the i7 is totally not worth it (because games don't even use more than 4 cores) and the extra 200Mhz can be made up by the i5 by overclocking it. With that you save: $100
    I would also not recommend buying the SSD, I have the i5 2500k and a normal harddrive, it boots windows in 15seconds MAX, with an SSD (and intel SSDs aren't all that good either), it'll reduce it to probably onyl 3-5 seconds.
    Savings without SSD: $110-$130
    You could easily go with a cheaper motherboard, something around $125 is more than sufficient, although something around the price of $150 is also good. Savings: $10
    Total savings: $220
    With those savings, you add around $100 more and buy another GTX 570 for SLI
  3. Well i can get all the parts without taxes (-21 % in Belgium).
    So that means i can get the ROG for 133 Euros.....
    And what SSD would you recommend then? If i really want one (20gb's is enough)
  4. Something such as this:
    OCZ Vertex Series OCZSSD2-1VTX30GXXX
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