Help with cable management: Antec P183 v3 CP850 PSU

Hello all!

I am currently working on a new build in a Antec P183 v3 with a CP850 PSU.

Not my first build, but definitely my first build where I'm actually trying to optimize cable management -- you don't want to see my old/current set-up.

Anyway, if anybody has experience working with these two components and have examples on how they were able to streamline the cable (specifically, all the slack BEHIND the mobo). That would be very helpful. Pictures are worth more than a 1000 words. Thanks!!
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  1. I don't really have time to take pictures unfortunately but basically you will want to send the cables from the PSU straight behind the motherboard tray asap before you even think about routing any cables then for each one you want to use just poke back it through a hole in the motherboard tray and plug it in. Then pull all the slack back behind the motherboard tray and cable tie what you can.
  2. Thanks jmsellars --

    My current/first attempt at cable management of my new rig is like a mullet -- business in the front, party in the back.

    The turd-sized motherboard cable was making it crazy hard to even put the side cover back on.

    Now that I have my set-up relatively stable (though not at optimal OC settings), I will try to reroute some of the cables and bring in some zipties to secure.

    I'll post up some photos soon to get feedback. Thanks for responding to my initial post.
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