Building a pc 2 PCIE connectors? HELP?

I am building a gaming rig with a 550 watt antec psu and it has removable plugs but theres also a direct cable that comes from the unit it has a 24 pin connector i get that but theres a pcie connector. Theres also another PCIE connector thats colored red that removes in or out. I ahve a radeon 7970 sapphire 3gb 500 watt minimum

What plug should i plug it into and whats with both i heard of 12volt rail x2 is this what it means theres 2 connectors and im really confused.

Also I have a 550 watt psu with a roswil blackhawk tower with 5 fans. when it needs a minimum of 500 watts is that mean the card uses that becuase the cpu is 77 wats its a i5 so whats the deal there.
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  1. The directcable is 8 pin and the red plug in is 6 pin both say pci express which one does what?
  2. You need to plug both of them in for the GPU. The 8 pin directly from the PSU and the 6 pin from the modular cable.
  3. Ok i dont have the mobo yet but they are right next to eachother or something? Im actually going to run it without the card until i get the mobo
    but anyways i have a bunch of fans hooked up wont that overload the psu if the card is 500 and the psu is 550
  4. Personally, I would get a 750W PSU from SeaSonic or Corsair.
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