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I am having an issue with my sabertooth z77 board. I have the current bios for the board, as of Dec. 2012. The issue I am having is that I want to enable SSD cacheing for my HDD but when I switch to RAID in the Bios setup, my system becomes unstable and will not boot. I am running windows 8, have an OCZ 64 gig SSD, WD 2T HDD, i7 3.5 chip, vengence memory (16 gigs). So far Asus has really been giving me C- support regarding this. Suggestions have been that I am running too much ram and the system will not be able to use Smart Storage with more than 8 gigs? Which I find vexing! But I have tried installing only one dimm and rebooting, same problem when I switch from ACHI to Raid, the system will not boot to windows, just enters into a loop where it gives a boot problem error and then says it is trying to repair, but then boots again and repeats. I have downloaded all of the updates from Asus but can not get the updater to run for the Intel chip set, which would probably be my solution. Has anyone else had this issue? Right now my system reports both drives, my HDD and the SSD when my bios is in achi but as soon as I try raid to set up the smart storage the system hangs on boot. very frustrating! Any ideas?


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  1. How does the system boot normally? Did you install Windows with the drive in IDE or AHCI. If you installed Windows in IDE, you won't be able to boot in ACHI or RAID. There is a registry fix for changing from IDE to AHCI.

    Second post here ::

    If it works, you should be able to change to RAID in BIOS and boot as well.

    Once in Windows, check here ::
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