200x200 side fan air flow direction?

Hi there,
I'm installing a PC and a doubt has arised regarding the fans installation. I'm planning on installing the following:
- One 120x120 front fan (this should suck air in)
- One 120x120 rear fan (this should suck air out)
- One 120x120 bottom fan (this should suck in)
- One 200x200x top fan (this should suck air out)
- One 200x200 side fan (this is the one which makes me doubt)

The side fan can only be installed with the exhaustion side on the case, so unless I install it out of the case, I can only install it in the way it would be blowing air out of the case. (I'm starting to wonder if this fan in intended only for top side, thus always will blow air outside direction).

I think the rule of thumb is we should always install front and bottom fan to suck in, while rear and top should always suck air out, but what about side fans?

For those who don't understand why I can only install the side fan in one way, this is the link to the fan: http://www.aerocool.com.tw/index.php/products/accessory/39-fan/183-silent-master-white

Should I leave it sucking air out? Or should I guess the way to install it reverse?

Thanks in advance,
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  1. front bottom side > intake
    top rear > exhaust
  2. In +1
  3. Ok, so I guess I bought a "top" fan and therefore there is only one way to install it. Good to know side fan always should suck in.
    I've just found a workaround to install it in reverse using bridles while I get a new fan.

    Thank you all =)

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