As you may know from my other post (about laptops) my computer specs are ati duron 1.6 ghz, ati radeon 7200, 512 mb of ram. So as you may think i wish to upgrade this old computer of mine... i would like to chance ati duron to intel core 2 duo e7600 :bounce: and ati radeon to nvidia 430 :bounce: . So is this upgrade possible ? :o
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  1. Nope. It is a laptop, and the e7600 is a desktop cpu using an entirely different board and socket.
  2. it aint a laptop but the problem is this computer has a agp motherboard so how to upgrade my agp motherboard to a pci one?
  3. or is the Club 3D RADEON HD 3450 AGP 512MB GDDR-2 DVI-I a better choice for a video card?
  4. Well you would have to buy an entirely new motherboard and processor and ram. What is your entire budget? Core 2 duo is old tech, you might be able to upgrade to current processors such as the core i3/i5/i7.
  5. Im not able to upgrade anymore :( my computer died. My guess is to buy a new cheap pc with a intergrated graphics card and then upgrade the cpu,gpu,ram etc.... is that a good choice ?
  6. Well sure! What is your entire budget?
  7. it depends how much the ´´starting´´ computer costs what is the minimum/maximum budget for a low end computer that i can upgrade?
  8. is amd athlon II x2 250, 250 gb hard drive, 2g ram and a free pci-e socket a good pc to upgrade?
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