Computer detects unsafe power surges and restarts

Hey guys, when I recently built my pc, I used my friends power supply to test it out since that was the only part that hadnt arrived yet. Everything worked fine during the setup of the os and driver install. He let me borrow it until mine arrives and I just connected all the cords and tried to boot. After the windows startup screen, the computer shut off and restarted with a message saying that it detected unsafe power surges and some built in Asus program kicked in and shut it down. As far as I know, nothing's changed since I built the computer.

Anyone have suggestions?
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  1. Wait for you new power supply. There may be some issues with the one your borrowing.

    What model of power supply, and what are the specs of your computer. It just may be tat the PSU isn't powerful enough.
  2. Well for some reason I thought it was an 850 watt psu, but it says its 550. I'm running an 3570k and gtx 670 so that's probably right on the borderline for what's required for mine.
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