Last question before purchase, about monitor or tv connection

Ok so I'm getting the asrock z68 pro3-m mobo

It has hdmi and dvi connections. lots of people on forums are saying their PC won't boot with hdmi in, so if this is a new build... Can I get away running it on my LCD tv through hdmi to set it all up and do the bios (there's also a combo hdmi/dvi port but I dunno how that works)

Or would I need to buy a monitor?

I have this tv (I know it's cheap lol)

RCA l40fhd41
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  1. ????
    My system with fresh install windows 7 using hdmi without problem.
    Therefore~ it's ok.

    Because i done it many many times.

    My LED has only 2 ports of HDMI there no other port. lol
  2. it should work

    but sometimes it wont . Try it and see
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