Is this a PSU problem or something else?

So I've decided to build rebuild my PC. To do this I went with an I5 2400, 8 gigs of DDR3, and a new motherboard (an ASRock z68M/USB3 if that matters). I've kept my existing components like my Radeon 6870 HD videocard, 500 gig 7500 rpm HDD, and a DVD burner.

I've hooked up everything and have doubled checked the connections three times now. When I turn on the system, the fans spin, and lights come on, but the computer will not boot at all, the screen stays black. I've got a 500w PSU of unknown quality, but I'm leaning towards a lower end unit since it came with the case a few years ago.

I've also tried taking out my vidcard and using the onboard video, still nothing. I've never had this type of issue so I'm stumped. I'm down to 2 things. 1. Its a PSU issue, or 2. My mobo came DOA.

Just looking for more expert advice.
Thanks in advance.
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  1. Sounds like a Motherboard issue.
  2. What was the old system? If it is something that uses fairly little power then I'd blame your PSU but right now leaning toward a bad Motherboard/or the Motherboard isn't grounded.
  3. So I went out and got a different PSU, a 600w, plugged it in, same problem. On a whim I pulled one of my ram sticks and it booted up. I tried the other stick solo and the system booted as well, but it will not boot with both sticks plugged in.
  4. Are you putting them in correctly?
    It should show in your motherboard user manual how to insert the RAM when it is dual channel.
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