AMD Reportedly Prepping 3 New Bulldozer CPUs

I thought they had learned their lesson the first time.
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  1. They don't look that bad.
  2. cyansnow said:
    They don't look that bad.

    Sure neither was the 286 and the 486SX, can't forget about the cyrix M1&2 :pt1cable:
    Larger, hotter, and slower than what they replaced while providing almost no competition at all. AMD not only harmed it's self but also it's customers that depended on AMD to make a better product. Sure they can polish off a few things but no more than 10-15% max per clock per module over BD.
  3. each of the planned FX CPUs have a few things in common -- namely, a 95W TDP and a 4.1 GHz Turbo clock rate. No many how many cores you like, it looks like AMD will have you covered: the 3.9 GHz FX-4150 rocks 4 cores and a 12MB cache, while the 3.5GHz FX-6120 sports six cores and a 14MB cache. The cream of the crop (assuming the slide is legit) is the octa-core AMD FX-8140, which boasts a 3.2GHz base clock speed and a 16MB cache.
    looks good on this hillbillies simple way of thinking, seems like just about the same time this was released we had another stating the latest FX-8120 would END the AMD desktop market, kinda slows down that way of thinking down a little huh.i mean look at the L2 and L3 jumps over the cache of the intels, did i read the post or is there even an intel that boast such claims?
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