Laptop Rendering Speed Slowed Down

I have a HP Pavilion G6 1232SA. - I got it for Christmas.
A week or so go, I noticed when I rendered a video off Sony Vegas Movie Studio it took a lot longer to render the entire video than it used to like a few days before. Also on the program it can no longer have the preview quality of the video as high as it used to be able to. It has also started to get slightly hot when I do so as well.
I used to be able to render 1000 frames in 2 and a half mins now it takes over 6 minutes.
The overall performance of the laptop has not decreased it is the same speed as before.
I have checked task manager while rendering and Vegas is the only thing running.
NOTE: I recently has my hard drive cleared to get rid of a virus but this was after the speed of rendering slowed down and we re-installed windows.
Is it a possibility it is dust?
If the CPU gets hot would it slow rendering down?
How can I get it back up to its old render performance?
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  1. Hoping for a reply
  2. It could be that the drive has more than it did before and the resolution of the source files could be another reason that it had taken longer to render.
  3. Is Performance power profile chosen in power plan options?
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