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I want to add more fans on my pc as i already have one in there. I want to add three more but all the spots on the motherboard are filled up for fans. My power supply only has 2 4 pins and they're taken by the cd drives. How can I put in more fans?
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  1. Most Fans have a Molex to 4 pin cable converter. Also, what kind of fans are you talking about? Case fans? CPU fans? gfx card fans?
  2. sorry im talking about case fans, can i use a splitter and connect one to my cd drive and then one to my fan? would it affect the performance of my cd drive?
  3. Don't you have any molex connectors you're not using?
  4. nope 2 were molex the others were sata ones
  5. Dang, you got an old PSU...I would recommend you not to split the cables though.
  6. lolll alright guess no fans than thanks though
  7. is there by anychance sata to 4 pins? i know theres 4 pins to sata
  8. thank you so much
  9. You can use a splitter to power fans. Fans use so little power compared to the drives that adding fans will affect drive operation.

    Basically, 3 or 4 fans use 1 amp on the 12 volt rail. If your PSU is running so close to maxed out than it cannot power a couple of fans, you need a new PSU anyway.
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