Radeon HD 4850 VS 5670 VS GeForce GTS240

Which of these cards is best vs its cost:

Radeon HD 4850 c£ 89.99**
Radeon HD 5670 c£69.99*
GeForce GTS 240 c£64.99**

obviously the HD 4850 looks best but for £20 less is it worth getting the 5670?

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  1. A 5670 with GDDR5 RAM is way better than a 4850.
  2. According to the chart the 4850 is better. I would love to see a few simple benches using the same CPU and mother board on the sub 100 cards. Old vs new. Tiger has a gts250 for $75 american. I think that will beat a 4850?
  3. cant you get the 5770 or 5750 for the same price as a 4850? I would do that, i wouldnt bother with old 4xxx series cards.
  4. ^^+1
  5. Yep, went for the Sapphire HD 5670 1GB GDDR5 in the end. Figured the newer range as well as the DDR5 would be decent. Noticed when it arrived that it doesnt require power from the PSU - my way old GeForce 8600GTS required a 6 pin plug.... any particular reason for this or is the HD 5670 just less power hungry?

    thanks for all the responses.
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