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My graphics card - an ATI Radeon HD 5670 is running at 51 degrees Celcius. Is this "normal" and safe?
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  1. Is this when playing games or idle?
  2. CoffeeDrinker said:
    Is this when playing games or idle?

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    if you don't go above 90C you care ok....most graphic cards are very robust when it comes to heat...take a look at nvidia's gtx 480 temps...they are very hot on air cooling....slap on a liquid cooling option and the temps become very manageable. when it comes to heat, case cooling is a big factor, if you are worried just install some fans in your case, push in the front and pull at the back, while you are at it you can also install some fans on the top and sides of the case. good luck
  4. Graphics processors are designed to run much hotter than CPU's, I personally wouldn't let a GPU go above 90-100 centigrade full load.
  5. If you change the thermal paste you normally get a decent boost.
    For me, anything over 80C load is "unacceptable". Simply becouse i want it stable, quiet and to live long.
  6. Thank all of you for your replys and the information. I will not worry now. Again, thank you,
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