Poor BF3 performance

Hello, been having performance issues with BF3 on my old rig

I'll start by posting my rig, keeping in mind that it is pretty dated now (mostly) being a good 4-5 years old.

Motherboard - Gigabyte GA-MA790X-DS4 AM2+ 1066MHz memory compatible
CPU - AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+
Memory - DDR2 4x1GB Dual channel Corsair CM2X1024-8500C5D 1066MHz Dual Channel
Graphics card - Asus GTX560 (weeks old)
PSU - Corsair 750W
HDD - 1x500GB and 1x1000GB Seagate Barracuda 7200RPM (BF3 installed on the latter)
OS - Win 7 64bit

So my issue is that from people I have met and spoken to who also own a GTX560, they can quite happily play BF3 on high to Ultra with the occasional frame rate drop, so I purchased the GTX560 to replace my old Asus 9800GTX. Running on 1920x1200 24" screen, I get frame rates between 15-25 (depending on map and how many players... Greater than 40 players is usually unplayable) running on just medium settings.

On the assumption that my GPU isn't the issue, what would you guys suggest is the issue with my rig?
I am quite strongly leaning towards either RAM or CPU, though not sure due to my rather primitive knowledge of the two, especially in their relation to each other.

Something that has come to my attention is the frequency that my RAM is running at. Using CPU-Z, it states that it is running at 376.7MHz, though they are said to be rated 1066MHz. Also stated by CPU-Z is that the
max Bandwidth is - PC2-6400 (400MHz)
FSB : DRAM - 1/8

I would appreciate it if you knowledgeable people could clarify me what this figures mean in regards to if my memory is running at the speeds they are properly capable of.

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    Probably the cheapest and simplest fix is to drop in a Phenom 955, sftaer first checking its on the mb cpu support list . It should be

    RAM is Double Data Rate [ DDR] so you are seeing half that speed reported . But you should be able to manually change the speed to either 400 , or 533 depending on the maximum the board allows

    The other suggestion is to instal win 7 64 bit , if your OS is not 64 bit

    After that BF3 should play well
  2. Heh, just added my OS as that is an important little note.

    I have been eying up getting a 955, I hear that although BF3 isn't too hindered by CPU, the L3 cache that I lack does make a difference across the board, including BF3.

    My issue is that in the course of the next year, I would like to upgrade my rig in it's entirety, so what I buy now to patch this rig I would like to be able to carry through onto my next rig, but that brings to question the road ahead of AM3 processors like the 955 as well as the AM3+ socket. Speaking of which, is FM1 it's successor or are we expecting an AM4 socket?

    Hell, even PCIe 3.0 is out in it's infancy, should I be patient for that before upgrading my motherboard?

    This is one reason I hate upgrading, cause I know within the next week something new will come out and that will drop the prices of everything I just bought :sweat:
  3. FM1 is not going to be compatible with anything now or in the future [ probably]

    If you bought a 955 now and upgraded to a full AM3+ board you could use it in that too. Current FX processors work but performance is too variable , and they run hot when you push them . Maybe waiting till the next release called Piledriver will solve these issues .
    Pile driver is also called enhanced bulldozer and will run in AM3+ motherboards . Its due early/mid next year
  4. Cool cool and thanks

    The route for me now is to upgrade cpu and report my success/failure to make BF3 smooth. Also, any thoughts on 955vs965? 20 dollar difference, if there is a performance difference worth 20 bucks i don't see why not.

  5. They are identical parts with only the clock speed different .

    You can change the cpu multiplier and run the 955 at 965 speed [ and beyond] even with the stock cooler .
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