Do you think my 750w psu will run all this stuff?

Antec High Current Gamer 750w

Will it run this system?

i2500k OC to 4.3ghz (no upped vcore but on auto vcore setting)
8gb ddr3
3x SSD & 2x HDD
pcie sound card and network card

2x GTX 570 in SLI
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    I'd go with a better brand like Corsair, but 750w is the lowest i'd go for that system. I'd probably jump up to an 850w unit for good mesure.
  2. Antec is a good brand but with that big of a setup I would also go with 850W just to be sure (750W would probably work but I prefer not taking any chances). I always thought that OEM Seasonic looked like a good deal... (single +12V rail, 80 plus SILVER...)
  3. there is no such thing as enough power...I think it is better to have more wats work less than less wats work more
    for $10 more Antec 900W
  4. do you have the GTX570s already? if not a 7970 would be a better cheaper choice and use less power
  5. here's a better quality,high capacity psu for the same price-
    hope that helped(i wrote this for the first time lolll!!!)
  6. nope, depending on how the 600s perform I might buy a 2nd 570.

    I think I would honestly just try it with this PSU first.
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