Motherboard problem, please help!?

So I was taking out my old motherboard to put a new one in and I had a bit of trouble taking out two of the screws ( I actually had to get a screw driver to get one out) and then when I went back to the case two of the standoffs were missing and I checked the back of the old motherboard and they were on the back of the two screws I had trouble getting out. So, could you guys help me on how to get the standoffs off of the motherboard and back on to the case.
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  1. This happens all the time. Just take a wrench with one hand and screwdriver with another. Then grip the base of the standoff (the hexagon part, not the treads) with the wrench and you should have no problem bringing the screw driver to the other side to get the screw out.

    I would also recommend that you tighten standoffs before mounting the motherboard with a wrench. It will prevent stripping and keeps your motherboard sturdy.
  2. Remove case side doors both side.
    use a cutting player and screw driver to remove screws.
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