Windows 7 problem?

I recently got a computer running Windows 7, it works fine with everything else, however whenever I play a game, the computer automatically reboots. More specifically, it sounds like it shuts down, waits 2 seconds, and then reboots by itself. However, this rebooting pattern is quite erratic. I have managed to play the games AT LEAST once with the computer, with absolutely no problems at all, but upon future execution of the games the computer always reboots automatically. More often that not, the computer only reboots the instant I have actually entered gameplay (ie, the time when I am actually in control of the characters). When I am in the main menu of the games, the computer doesn't usually reboot. I would be guessing that the problem lies with either the Power Supply or the Graphics Card, I'm not sure which one and why/how to fix it.

The two games I've tried are StreetFighter4 and Mirror's Edge. I have managed to play both games perfectly fine at some point of time with the same computer (for some weird reason they worked that time), but now they both hang the minute actual gameplay starts. If it matters, both games worked perfectly fine the first time round, but not subsequent attempts to play them.

My specs are as follows:
Windows 7 Professional
Direct X 11
Core i5 CPU@2.67Ghz/2.79Ghz
Gigabyte ATI Radeon HD5770
Intel DP55WG Motherboard
ToughPower Cable Management 750W
23" LG LCD Screen, if that matters

Any suggestions would be helpful, thanks! (:
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  1. i'd try the usual updates first...
    update the graphics card, chipset firmware, BIOS, ect.

    it would seem like a psu issue since it occurs when the power supply is experiencing its max load. you can run a program called furmark (a gpu benchmarking program) to make sure its not the programs... but i doubt it is.
    your PSU should be powerful enough, assuming its correctly giving enough voltage down the 12v rails.
    If its still under warranty i'd try to RMA the PSU and get a new one
  2. 1) I just tried testing the system with BurnIn Test. The first time i tried testing everything at 50% max load, the whole system crashed (it only crashed once i got it to test 3D Graphics as well, it worked fine when I tested everything but 3D)
    2) When it rebooted, i tried testing it again, this time each individual component by its own, all at 100%. Surprisingly, the 3D Graphics worked excellent, as did all the other components.
    3) So I thought, perhaps my system cannot support it all at one go. So i gave it a shot, and tested my entire system again, but this time at 100% (Max Load). It worked flawlessly, contrary to the previous result at just 50% causing it to crash.
    4) Thinking it was a driver problem instead, I started both games again, expecting them to crash. Both Mirror's Edge and SF4 worked perfectly, another abnormality. I tried Counter Strike Source as well, at 1920x1080 resolution with the settings all high. Absolutely no delay whatsoever.

    I've yet to reboot my computer as I don't want to lose the ability to play games for now. Any suggestions what can be done with the instability issue? I apologize for the extremely long post, I hope I'm not leaving out any information. Temperatures of the computer are relatively low, much thanks to the frigid weather right now in the UK
  3. i guess i would try inserting the windows disk and clicking repair.
    if you don't have one, you can borrow one from a friend, any Windows 7 disk can work. Or a repair disk.
    to repair is an option after you select your language
  4. I inserted my windows disc and it said to install. Wouldn't that reinstall my entire OS? And wouldn't i lose all my data?
  5. yes

    after you restart the pc w/ the disk in, the first option is to select language. The next screen should have an option to repair the OS on the bottom left corner
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