Need feedback on new build for a friend

He wants a new gaming computer so i'm picking out the parts and putting it together for him.
His budget is $650



CPU/MOBO combo:

GPU/PSU combo:

He is going to use his current HDD as it's only a few months old and prices are crazy atm. Also going to use his current DVD drive.

I just wanted to make sure i'm not missing any way to make this cheaper/better or if i'm missing something here, thx :P
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    Get this combo. $180

    Get this motherboard. What you chose is a deadend and is much more expensive. You don't really save much on that motherboard since it wasn't worth the price anyway. $85

    Get this video card. Don't get 2gb for a signel monitor set up. This is cheaper with A promo code -$10 and has a mail in rebate so it makes it to $200. SO CHEAP!

    Get this HAF 912 case. The case you chose doesn't have any cable management and also it will be a hot mess inside. $60

    never get that tx650. It's not worth it.
  2. I switched out everything but the video card. It has some pretty nasty reviews haha...

    So with the stuff i changed it leaves me with like $280 for the video card. He wants to get the most he can for the $650 so i'm thinking maybe one of these instead?
    has a higher core clock than the one below and is a little cheaper (before rebate)
    i have the twin frozr II OC 560ti and it's pretty amazing so i assume this would be good too

  3. It's up to you! You might want to get him a twin Frozr II 560ti(NOT OC though, since you can OC it yourself) too. It's a pretty good card especially since it has physX.

    A very good card with not much problems. ^_^
  4. Between the twin frozr cards which is better, the 560ti or the 6950? Is the 600w PSU you recommended good enough for the 560ti (i'm assuming it uses more power and i have a corsair 650w myself).

    edit: nvm the 6950 is better so ill go with the twin frozr III 6950 1GB card :D




    cpu/psu combo:



    if no one else has any objections within a few hours ill select the best answer and can finish the thread haha ^_^
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