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Here's my story, I have received 4 different motherboards from Asus. So far none of them have worked, and my hope is that the problem isn't me, here's what I've done so far. first board, no post. the board did not even turn on, I got no status indicators. I sent this back, got another one and same issue. got a third board, this one kinda worked, but pcie 2 would not detect any video cards when plugged in. Asus just sent me another one, this one brand new in box, this one turned on once but when I tried to put in more than 1 stick of ram it stopped posting no matter what I did, no matter how many sticks of ram are inserted. these are the steps I have taken with all of them:

none of them have touched the inside of a case, these are all tested on a plain blank piece of cardboard, I have tried 2 different sticks of ram which I have verified to work in another machine, I have tested both my ram and processor in another motherboard successfully, I have tried two different psu's both 1kw which are more than sufficient to handle the power draw from my equipment, i have also tried 4 different video cards, as well as clearing cmos multiple times.

anyone have any ideas?
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  1. first off did asus send you a new mb or the same one back?? did you check that the ser# were new. check the mb cpu qal list se that your cpu on the list. i would rma the of the boards could have had a bent pin and the cpu has damage. one issue is one of your parts can be bad and when you install it it shorting out your whole system. also some of the newr mb have a lot of bios updates for cpu and memory. have you checked that the asus mb bios is at a rev to post with your cpu??
  2. Yes, all of the motherboards have had a different serial #. its an i7-2600k, and i checked that long before i ever bought the board. the problem with rma the cpu is that i know it works, i put it into another motherboard and it works just fine, no issues, i actually have two of exactly the same model motherboard and the processor works just fine in the other mobo, as well as the ram. i know about bios updates but i cannot update the bios if the mobo doesn't post.
  3. check to see if the mb you have have the usb flashback port. if they do thry using it and flash the bios to the newest rev. you dont need a working cpu to do this just stand by power. the last board sound like you shorted the board out. are you unplugging the pc from the wall when your installing parts?? new mb dont fully remove all power from themselves or the power supply. most new ps and mb when you think there off they keep a little power going on the mb to speed up starting and walking. you learn to pull the pc from the wall and wait for the power led to go out before working on pc to keep from blowing up parts.
  4. Yes absolutely, I pull the power cord and I hit the kill switch on the psu, and wait for the stand indicator to go away before changing parts
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