Please help! I can't start windows normally.

I've been trying to fix this for 3 hours!!!!!!! I'm about to kill myself!!!! When I booted up my pc it goes to windows error recovery and it lets me choose Start windows normally or repair. This has happened to me 2 times before but I found out how to fix it from google but now I forgot. I need to start windows normally, but it won't let me select it!! I remember there was a button I pressed to unlock it so I can select start windows normally. When it automattically choses repair it goes to this error page. Someone please help me, I'm about to explode right now I can't even enjoy christmas tommorow if I can't fix this. Please someone I'm begging you please help me. I'm mad crying right now and I kicked a hole in a wall. Please help!!
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  1. F8 before windows boots but after the bios and then select boot windows normally have a good christmas :)
  2. Or press F8 and selcet last known good configuration.
    Better get the poly filler out for that hole as well, Merry Chrimbo
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