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Hello, ime really new to building comps, i am tired of spending loads of money on them. so i decided to build my own, i have just purchased an intel i7 3770k processor and ASRock Z77 Extreme 4 motherboard, my question is what best memory would you suggest, as ime confused with voltage and difference between ivy bridge and sandy bridge, any clear help would be much appreciated, PS ime a WOW gamer so this is the idea of my build for gaming :) thnk you
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  1. go for corsair ddr3 1600 cas 9
    this one is 1,5V and has no voltage issue with i7
    you can get 8GB kit or 16Gb kit version

    some other RAM kits has 1,65v especially with higher bandwidth above 1600. those are the real issue
  2. Should have dropped into the systems forum, we could have made a good build for you.
    A gaming rig usually has 8GB of 1600Mhz CL9 RAM. I recommend this kit since its low profile, so large heatsinks wont be a problem.
    G.Skill Ares 8GB (2x4GB) 1600Mhz Cl9 1.5v. $44

    For Intel processors, you cant have RAM that runs above 1.5v, otherwise it puts the memory controller under more strain than was intended. Shortens the lifespan of the chip and (not sure on this) void the warranty. On an AMD system there's no restriction on voltage though.

    Sandy and Ivy Bridge are pretty similar. Sandy Bridge is an architecture, how everything is sort of arranged inside the CPU. Ivy Bridge is a die shrink of Sandy bridge, so some small tweaks, newer technologies and a smaller manufacturing process. Basically they can fit more transistors into the CPU with a lower power draw plus some new features.
    Intel strategy is called Tick-Tock, Sandy was the Tock, which means a new architecture. Ivy was the Tick, a die shrink.
  3. thank you very kindly for your response, the information that was provided has been extremely useful
    and has given me all information that i was looking for. many thxs again really appreciated, mayb 1 day i will be able to hlp sum1 else as i have been given :)
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