Compatiblity check - please check!!

Hey guys, I'm buying next day so please check everything is compatible I will really appreciate it.

I5 3570k
As rock Z77 Extreme 4
8GB G.skill X 1600mhz Ram
WD blue 1 TB 7200rpm 64mb cache
Sapphire 7870 OC
Coolermaster storm enforcer
Coolermaster GX650W
Windows 7 home premium 64bit

Thanks and sorry for not posting any links
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  1. Best answer
    perfect. except for PSU
    cooler master is not good psu maker :) they are case and cooler manufacture

    go for XFX 750 silver or corsair 750 silver

    if you want to cheap out, choose those brand with lower wattage, xfx 550 bronze is minimum
  2. How is this power supply bad, it has been reviewed and recommended by tiger direct and this power supply is $91 is Australia.
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