A Decent Futureproof Motherboard for Gaming

Hey Everybody,

I am looking to build a new Gaming rig with a budget of about 1200$(around 65k INR).
And expecting it to run for a good few years.

The motherboard i thought of Buying is this
(Computer parts are kinda costly around here.)
it is around 200$(10,600INR)

Or could i get a better one for adding few more bucks to it?
The Processor i am opting for is i5-3570K
And the GPU will be either 660ti or 670GTX

Any Suggestion is much appreciated.
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  1. No such thing as future proofing!

    Go with the GTX 670 and the Z77 Extreme 4.
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    dude... that MOBO is really solid performer.... and it is favorite item in tomshardware

    you will get many support from other member because of its popularity :)

    and go for gtx670 is you can afford it, it is beast :) 660 is limited by its 192 bit bus

    just my 0.02
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