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Hello, this is about a old computer which I bought in early 2008 - a hp pavillion a1510y.Its very unreliable to keep a Pentium4 2.8 Ghz HT which it has right what I would like to ask is what is the best ram/cpu/gpu for this. I would not prefer to update as I have a i5 2500k for gaming and since this is my first pc I do not want to dump it as long it is workable for basic tasks though.
For your help, here are thespecs which might help.

RC415ST-HM R1.0 LGA775 Mobo (supports FSB 533/800)/Ati X1100 256 mb onboard
160 Gb Sata HDD
CURRENTLY HAS 1 gb ram / P4 2.8 Ghz HT
I could not make out the PCIe version.......

The current manual states that 2 gb ram is the limit.can i exceed that ?
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  1. So you have I5 2500K for gaming and that is the second PC for basic tasks? In that case just add another GB of ram (the limit) and it will work fine as web-browser / electronic typewriter. Ebay is a cheap source for legacy ram and you should be able to get matching 2 x 1GB kit cheap.
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    i guess it is DDR ram, not DDR2. 1GB ddr is expensive dude....
    you may leave the ram as it is

    a cheap 64 or 128 SSD will bring life to your old PC :)
  3. Yeah, I had the p4 from 2008 and bought the i5 2500k combined with HD 7970 3 gb for games earlier this year. And to clear AMD Radeon's doubt the system supports DDR2 533/677 NOT DDR. Anyway thats not my question.My question is that can I EXCEED THE 2GB LIMIT AND FIT MORE ? And what is the PCIe version of my mobo RC415ST-HM REV 1.0 ? (I intend to fit a cheap hd 5450 for HD movies)....

    And the last question...the best cpufor my mobo...the best I could find was a Pentium D960 3.6 Ghz. Any better suggestions ?
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