Does 1000W cut it?

I've got a system with two Saphire HD4870, 4 harddisks (2x a RAID0 set (potential data loss is not an issue)), an AMD 940 Black Edition on a DFI Mobo. All this is (obviously) quite power hungry.

The PSU I've got isa 1000W Cooler Master, but despite it's name, it gets quite hot. :??: (You can almost burn your fingers on the back of the PSU) This is this system's second PSU, the first one blew it's capacitators after about a year of service. (That one went out with a bang)

I'm using this system with 3 26" screens for software development and gaming. I'm happy with the performance and it has been running reliably for quite some time now, but still the heat is reason for concern.

So my question to your experts, is 1000W enough for a system like this, or should I plug in something even more heavier?

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  1. 1000W should be able to power your system and more, your PSU may be broken or it just gets hot by design.
  2. A little update on this story, the PSU was fine, video cards were fine, the motherboard was not. It took me a while to figure it all out, but the board was basically draining power from the PSU like it was running everything maxxed out, causing everything to heat up. The load on the PSU was getting above 800W at some points... Since this wasn't the only issue caused by this board I decided to do a major overhaul.

    I basically put a new PC together and I decided to keep the PSU. The motherboard, memory, video cards and processor got replaced, I put all of these new goodies into a new case that has more space and more cooling :D

    The result is great. Now everything is running normally, the system is nice & cold and a lot more reliable than it was.

    Even with the old video cards, this system is running without any issues. (I have a new one now that's doing even better :)) Since DFI has stopped making motherboards I can only say... if you see still someone selling those, run... :pt1cable:
  3. Congrats, I was going to say I have a CM 750W that has been running 24/7 for the past year and a half. I have a Silverstone Strider 1000W to replace it when it burns out, but it refuses to die. I know a lot of people hate CM, but maybe cause mine is older? It runs like a champ!
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